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About Me

My name is Jennifer Alison and I am a part-time photographer, graphic designer, and invitation designer. I am also a wife, daughter, sister, and full-time Registered Nurse. 

One of the most satisfying life achievements is capturing a moment of pure happiness. That could be designing a bride’s dream wedding invitations, or simply seeing the biggest smile on her face on her wedding day. I grew up always taking pictures of people, pets, nature, and landscapes and my love for photography really developed in my high school photography class in the darkroom developing my own photos. My parents say I take after my Grandpa Sam, he had his own darkroom in his garage! 

I started my Photography & Graphic Design business in late 2007 after my own wedding. I was married on the ever-so-popular 7/7/2007 in Lake Tahoe, California. My experience and joyous approach has made my business grow quickly. I love every minute of it, and I embrace the uniqueness of each client I get the opportunity to work with. I shoot with a digital Nikon SLR camera, with a variety of different lenses. I love candid and close up detailed shots in natural environments.

I have found my passion, and this is it, you will see. Welcome. 

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