Amazing Small Minimalist House 13 x 13 Feet in Tokyo

Contemporary Front Porch Designs In Minimalist House Decorated By Kitchen Layouts And Designs Also With Strong Foundation

This small minimalist house is located in Tokyo Japan. If you in Tokyo Japan, you can visit and see how tiny this house directly. Imagine that this house is only 13 x 13 feet but contains four stories. The basement floor is composed by the bedroom completed with toilet. In the first floor is for dining room, and entrance door. The third floor is for spare room, and the forth floor is for terrace area.

The exterior of the house is dominated with white color completed with fixed glass window that let the natural light in. The entrance door of this small minimalist house designs is also made from glass material too. The look in front of this house is really minimalist and simple. Let’s come inside to see more detail about this house. There are not too much space in this house. Everything in this house seems smalls. But the compact design makes the roomy effect in to the house.

You can see in that picture, every room in this house is furnished with wooden furniture with compact design. The living room is only furnished with one bench made from wooden and one coffee table that made of material of wooden too. In the upstairs you will find minimalist kitchen set. That kitchen is completed with one stove for cooking. Next to the kitchen you will find square dining table with two chairs as the dining room area. Actually this house can accommodates for young married couple with one child.

The stair in this house has spiral shaped that minimize space. That white stairs is one of the highlight in this house, because that stairs is the most meritorious thing that connect each other room in this house. You must see the small minimalist house plans design picture to get more detail about this house.

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