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So, M loves bubbles. What child doesn’t? But, she is obsessed. She carries her bubble bottle everywhere. Inside, outside, upstairs, in the car. She does not want to let it go! Every single time we go outside she says “bubbbbbbles”….ok, bubbles it is! 

Two weekends ago we were playing with bubbles in front of my parents house in Carlsbad. They live close to the beach on a street with a lot of palm trees, and they also have a lot of palms in their front yard. It was late afternoon, getting close to sunset. I captured this photo and I was amazed at the reflection of the palm trees in the bubble.

This one is straight-out-of-camera (SOOC), only cropped.
palm trees in a bubble original fileP I N I T

And this one is edited with a little color pop.
palm trees in a bubbleP I N I T
Which one do you like better?
I love photography. I love how you can capture amazing things.

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