Cold Ice Hotel in Sweden Matching Your Winter Season

Ice Hotel Decorated By Furry Area Rugs In Addition By Natural Door Handle

This large hotel namely ice hotel is built in winter. The front door looks so modern and luxurious with the shining ice. The door is actually made of the thick leather for making the warmth atmosphere in the beginning of the house. The half round shining ice is around the door.

The interior of the house id also made of ice. The floor and the roof are the snow still in its soft design. The furniture is the ice which is shaped to some modern interiors. Ice which is shaped in bricks and arranged beautifully is also great. It can be the design of a door of only for decoration. For its beauty, the ice hotel wedding is also good to be realized. The table with the ice crystal decoration is even brilliant. The style of this table is better to be the same as the chairs beside it.

In this ice hotel, some models of bedrooms are proposed. First, the bed is ice which is covered by the leather. The bed itself is the abstract-shaped ice in blue shining ice. The surrounding is the softer white ice. In other bedroom, the bed is neat in square and shining transparent. The surrounding is also shining with pattern. The lamp is put behind the ice so that the ice is shining brightly.

The other modern bedroom is dominated by the blue color shined from the wall and the bed. This room has light which is gotten from the modern lighting of the wall. It is shaped as lines. The extreme one is that which put the bed on the car, on the ice which is shaped as car. The size of the ice car is even the same with the original one. Making an imitation bear is okay for the other design of the ice bedroom. For its beauty and uniqueness, ice hotel rates are never in the very low rate.

Ice Hotel Decorated By Glass Rock Landscape In Addition By Astonishing Sunlight

Ice Hotel Decorated By Landscaping Edging Stones Equipped By Creating Ice Block

Ice Hotel Decorated By Nice Bedspreads Also With Word Wall Designs

Ice Hotel Decorated By Slatted Walls In Addition By Artistic Ice Pillars

Ice Hotel Decorated By Small Rugs For Bedrooms Equipped By Chenille Pillow Covers

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