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Del Mar Fair 2013 photo entries

The photography exhibits are my absolute favorite part of going to the Del Mar Fair (ok, now it’s the San Diego County Fair), but it will always be the Del Mar Fair to me! 

I have gone every single year for as long as I can remember. Over the past five years my obsession for photography has definitely increased. Every year at the fair while looking through the exhibits I wonder why I didn’t submit any of my photos. Every year I seem to miss the deadline, but this year I made it! 

I submitted three photos. I totally would have submitted more, but at $18 a submission – it’s pretty pricey. Especially because it isn’t even guaranteed to be exhibited. 

This is how the judging works:

The Exhibition of Photography has a two-tier judging system

The first round is preliminary judging of digital images uploaded online.

The second round consists of artwork that has passed Tier 1 judging. Judges evaluate printed and mounted images that are delivered to the Fairgrounds. Acceptance of images in the first round does not guarantee that a print will hang in the show; images must meet Fair rules and judges’ standards for print quality and presentation.


If any of my photos make the first round, I will be notified by email by Wednesday, May 1st. 

And for the photos. These are the three I entered. I really hope as least one makes it! Which one would you vote for?

Del Mar Fair 2013 entry CactusP I N I T

Cactus Plant ~ Carlsbad, CA

Del Mar Fair 2013 entry Lake TahoeP I N I T

Lake Tahoe / Homewood, California

Del Mar Fair 2013 entry Ferris WheelP I N I T

Del Mar Fair | Ferris Wheel at Night


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