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DIY Fancy X Farmhouse Dining Room Table

When we were planning on our kitchen remodel, we made the decision that our dining room will no longer be a ‘play room’. We wanted a nice place to enjoy meals with our family & friends. We have been searching for a ‘rustic’ farmhouse wooden dining room table for quite some time. After endless hours of searching online & in stores, I decided that spending $1,000+ on a table was not an option.

I consider myself pretty creative. My grandfather was a carpenter and loved building furniture. He was also a photographer. My parents say I take after him. I agree that I must have the creative genes from him!

While searching online for DIY wooden table plans, I came across Ana White’s website. Holy Moly! This chic can build anything and EVERYTHING! She has a ton of dining room table plans. I finally decided on the rustic Fancy X Farmhouse Table, and I was immediately in love. When I showed my husband the plan, he laughed out loud. Literally. He said “Good luck with that”. My parents and my sisters also looked at me with cross-eyes like I was insane.

I was kind of discouraged and very intimidated at first. But, once our kitchen was finished, I had a vision and I ran with it. Ana’s plan is designed for an 8 foot long table, and while I wish we could have that long of a table we just don’t have enough space, so we had to revised the plans to make it a 6 foot table.

Fancy X Farmhouse Table

I asked for a Kreg Jig for Mother’s Day, and I invested in a 10″ miter saw, and an 2″ nail Air Gun. By the way, this place is great for cheap power tools!

Another new favorite DIY blog, Shanty 2 Chic, built the same Fancy X Farmhosue Table from Ana White’s Plan. These girls are also amazing and SO inspiring! I have since build 3 pieces of furniture from their website and can’t wait to do more!

A few weeks later, I realized how popular this DIY table really is, as another one of my favorite DIY home bloggers, Jenna Sue, built the exact Fancy X Farmhouse Table from Ana-White’s plans. She actually modified the plan to make it a huge 9 foot table! It turned out gorgeous!

So, we got started. I went to Lowes with my sisters to buy the lumber. At first, the plan was very confusing and intimidating. It took us awhile to figure out my new tools. We messed up. A lot. Angle cuts are tricky. We got frustrated. I almost threw in the towel several times. The bottom part is totally modified because we screwed up. But, you know what? That’s what makes it unique.

UntitledP I N I T

This is probably one of the hardest projects a beginner could try. But, we did it. My husband jumped in and got super into it. We built this together. M helped us build it. She would bring us pieces of wood, or screws when we asked.

UntitledP I N I T

UntitledP I N I T

It took us 3 weekends to get it done. We couldn’t be happier with the result.

UntitledP I N I T

I have more pictures to post, but I don’t want to spoil the dining room, as it will be part of the Kitchen Reveal Post, coming very soon, I promise!

  • Donna Maukonen - Beautiful table! I found the plans on and was looking for someone who made a 6 foot version. I actually like the look of the table better with the 4 smaller supports that you use. Thanks for posting and giving me the inspiration I need!

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