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DIY photo canvas wall collage 12×12 inch squares

I’ve been trying to decide what to do with our wall in our dining room since we bought our house in September. I’m so pleased with the way this turned out. Photography has always been a hobby of mine and I really wanted to display some of the photos I’ve taken over the years. Here is the layout I designed in Photoshop.

I love how I know exactly when & where each photo is taken. Starting top left, 1) Rocks, Carlsbad Beach 2) Orchid at my father-in-law’s wedding, 3) fall in Truckee, 4) palm tree at Carlsbad Beach Campground, 5) Surfers at dusk Carlsbad Beach, 6) Sunset, Carlsbad Beach, 7) Secret Harbor Lake Tahoe, 8) Heart in Sand Carlsbad Beach, 9) Butterfly in Carlsbad, 10) Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe, 11) Pine Cone, Carnelian Bay Lake Tahoe, 12) Seashell Carlsbad Beach, 13), Lake Tahoe Incline Village, 14), Lake Tahoe Homewood after a Snowfall, 15) Sunset Water Carlsbad Beach.
I knew I wanted canvases but they are so expensive and I didn’t want to spend a fortune on this project.

I started by selecting what images I wanted and I resized them all to 12×12 inch squares. I ordered each print from WHCC for about $4 each. I then went to Michaels and got the super value packs of 12×12 canvases. Total cost of each 12×12 canvas is about $7-8 which surely beats the price of $45 each at print shops! And, from far away you can’t tell that they aren’t real canvases. 🙂

With a little Mod-Podge and a foam brush here is the finished product (excuse the crappy iPhone photo).

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