Extraneous inside out House Construction: It Called the Artistic Home

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Explore how Takeshi Hosaka Architects designed this incredible inside out house in Japan, we may conclude that art and structure of a building seems like canvas where we could shed out imaginations and ideas there. Located in Suginami, Tokyo, this pure white building built up on 254sqm green area. The manufacturing progress of this minimalist modern private house finishes in 2009.

This building is divided into two considerable parts which each of them represents all functions and simplicity of modern life. The inside out house design that is made by Takeshi has emphasized the white color both of exterior and interior decoration. Look from distance this Japanese house even more close to Greece houses. Square borderless windows in all sorts of sizes adorn the entire part of building are the reason why we call it similar to Greece. Semi-open ceiling, flat roof, no fence, environmental design and pleasurable image are the characteristic of this eco-friendly house.

In the middle part of the ceiling in the second building, there is a hollowed space which acts as media to gather as much as possible natural lightning into the entire part of the building. Actually, both of the first building and the second building manufactured in two-storey floor plans. There are twenty main parts of these building which each of them positioned in precise section and floor. They are north garden, south garden, entrance, living room, dining room, kitchen, alley garden, bicycle maintenance room, outer room, atelier room, utility room, powder room, bathroom, bedroom, walk-in closet, harmonic terrace, empty space, flower room, roof terrace and the flat roof.

Talk about the interior design, almost similar to the exterior, whole part of indoor room has been colored white at all with wood as perfect finishing touch on floor, furniture material and some of windows’ frame. But no doubt, the most interesting part of this building is the inside out exterior design which so much striking out compared with the neighborhood constructions.

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