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Friday Night Dinner Fun | March 15, 2013

I am still trying to play catch-up since Makayla’s birthday. Not sure why, but it sure did put me back, and behind on what seems like everything!

This was some fun we had during dinner a couple of weeks ago. This girl sure does love some Avocado, just like her mama!

DSC_0033-1P I N I T


DSC_0038-3P I N I T


DSC_0040-4P I N I T


DSC_0042-6P I N I T


DSC_0046-7P I N I T


DSC_0050-8P I N I T


DSC_0057-9P I N I T


DSC_0058-10P I N I T


DSC_0059-11P I N I T


DSC_0061-12P I N I T


DSC_0071-15P I N I T


DSC_0067-14P I N I T

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