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Halloween 2013 | Abby Cadabby

Halloween has come & gone. Happy November! We had fun last night with our little Abby Cadabby. No one knows who she is but she is a fairy from Sesame Street, and Makayla absolutely loves her! Every morning she watches her and dances to the flying fairy school song that comes on. So, of course I decided to dress her up as Abby Cadabby for Halloween. She was so excited and said Abbbbby Abbbbbbbbbbbbby Abby!!! I surprisingly kept her costume on for the entire envying as well. We took her to a few houses on our street and then we came back and she helped pass out candy. Each time a group of kids left she would say “more kids! more kids”! She cried when it was bedtime and we said no more kids. Then, this morning, first thing she did was go to the door and say “more kids! more kids!”. Poor thing probably thinks that it is normal to have a bunch of kids come to the door.

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