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I have to share this app! Ibotta – make cash every time you shop

I am not usually one to post about cool apps and coupon deals, etc., but Ibotta is different. I was skeptical at first, but I signed up after finding out about it from a blog I follow, ELF: A Family Blog.

You can earn $10 by doing absolutely nothing – just sign up! (**this is not a sponsored post in any way**)

Get $10 for Trying Ibotta

Ibotta is a fun and exciting way to earn cash every time you shop. Check the Ibotta app for Product Offers, Bonuses, new Store Extras and more. Join today and get the $10 Share The Love Bonus.

So download Ibotta today – You earned it!

You simply just answer silly questions about products and then you earn cash by purchasing the item. I go to Target every Saturday morning with M, so I simply bought the items (by the way these are items I would buy anyway! Bubba Burgers, Plum Organics, Bush’s Baked Beans, Orowheat Hamburger Buns, etc). Then you scan your receipt, scan the bar code from the item and submit!

Seriously people what are you waiting for?! It’s legit free money.


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