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IKEA Kitchen Remodel | The Before Pictures

So, in an effort to keep it real here on the blog I am going to post some photos that I would have NEVER EVER posted before in my life. The past few months we have been living in complete chaos. Let’s just say that these were taken after we completely gave up on keeping an orderly kitchen, because we knew everything was going to be ripped-apart-twisted-and-flipped-upside-down.

So, here are THE BEFORE pictures. Our kitchen has been done for about two weeks now, and we still are working on little things but the most important part is that it is FUNCTIONAL! We are so in love with our new kitchen, and I cannot wait to share it here on the blog! Stay tuned that post is coming soon!

DSC_3119P I N I T

DSC_3123P I N I T

DSC_3125P I N I T

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