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The Kitchen Reveal | Our Ikea White Adel Kitchen Remodel

jenniferalisonP I N I T
I am so excited to publish this post! After weeks of hard work, chaos, and our house being turned completely upside down, I am so so so happy with the final results. I was searching the internet for Ikea Adel Kitchen Ideas for months leading up to our remodel, and I loved finding inspirational kitchens! I hope that this post will inspire someone! Be sure to check out the Complete Source List Shopping Guide Post! Let’s start by taking a look at the before photos: 2014-05-26_0001P I N I T 2014-05-26_0002P I N I T DSC_3530P I N I T DSC_3533P I N I T DSC_3534P I N I T DSC_3543P I N I T DSC_3546P I N I T DSC_3549P I N I T DSC_3555P I N I T DSC_3557P I N I T DSC_3559P I N I T DSC_3561P I N I T DSC_3562P I N I T DSC_3563P I N I T DSC_3564P I N I T DSC_3566P I N I T DSC_3571P I N I T DSC_3577P I N I T 2014-05-26_0004P I N I T 2014-05-26_0003P I N I T DSC_3581P I N I T DSC_3584P I N I T DSC_3586P I N I T DSC_3590P I N I T DSC_3592P I N I T DSC_3594P I N I T DSC_3600P I N I T

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