Magnetic Black and White Interior Design: Modern Studio Apartment

Modern Studio Apartment Equipped By Small Bathroom Vanity Sinks In Addition By Waterfall Faucets For Bathroom Sinks

Keep your eyes on and notice the black and white interior design of this studio apartment. Stated in Bucharest, Romania, this contemporary apartment perfectly adopted dark and white color to be applied in the entire part of the building. But the design has focused on how black and white could adorn the public space. Yea, question is the living room.

Because living room is the place where the owner will get the first impression off, materialization of the ideas has been considered seriously. First, why this apartment called as studio apartment is because there are three living spaces which are combined as one in sizeable-single space. As best friend of the black and white interior design living room, there is a kitchen, bar and lounge corner next to the black living room. While, the living room is deliberately designed more striking than the other two rooms adjacent to it to highlight the solid structure of contrast arrangement itself.

Black sectional sofa is the boss in the living room. With all its courage against the white interior color design, this sofa nicely represents the sweet side of black within. Combination between soft brown cushion and bold black cushion beautifully collide under glorious white ceiling. To mate the sweet dark of the sofa, curtain along this single space room comes in two colors also. Sheer white as inner curtain, and heavy black thick curtain as outer cover.

Right in front of this charming arrangement, there is a floor-to-ceiling vertical open TV cabinet with storages which makes this living room has dual-function as family room. All the simplicity and easiness has creates as one here when you need something to eat or place to relax just as far as you get the remote on the table. Collaboration of black backsplash in the kitchen and pure white wall in the living room implies abundance charms of black and white modern living room ideas in super adorable arrangement.

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