Magnificent Contemporary Home with Long Cream Curtains

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Use available space in the contemporary home wisely. The impressive home is located in south-south-west, Japan. This home is surrounded by the crowd populated neighborhoods. It has designed by Architect Cafe. The residence has different design compared with another homes. Some brilliant ideas brought to life in basically to create a spacious house. The house has three levels. Each room has an open area into another wall still kept to get an uncovered space.

Black boxes for main building have been stacked one in a geometric form. A single square window frame appeared the light from inside. Using wooden backdrop to kept spacious visual partitions that create large space. Large expanses of glass window use to cover the first and second level. Wooden planks have neat organize in the floors.

There is a big hall from the entrance. Long cream curtains can protect the room form outside and also an open bathroom. White bathtub attempt in the open space, it was really uncommon decor. There is just a little bit of privacy or maybe the owner has never been get bathing there. High ceiling give good air circulation. It was called unique contemporary home decor. The second floor allowed to protection downstairs. A small path was built to close the curtains from the top.

Bowed staircase like in fire station will lead the way to the top floor. A big hole is the main access to go to this area. Some free space use for the kitchen. Small courtyard is waiting under the sunlight. It can be a substitution to view the nature for a while. A glass doors is the way out to get freshness. From this area the owner can go to the roof top with metal staircase outside. The house is combined modern design and traditional contemporary home decor and the result is unexpected residence.

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