Majestic All White House Concept for Private Residence

Beautiful Backyard Pools For All White House Concept Accented By Nearby Dense Vegetation Also With Beautiful Tall Coconut Tree

There are so many houses that using all white house for the interior and exterior designs. White color is simple and neutral color; you can combine it with many other colors. In Miami Beach, Florida, you will find a private residence called North Bay Residence that using all white concepts for its majestic house. The designer from Touzet Studio designed this house with contemporary and simple white concept instead of the luxury concept.

Look at the picture! That picture is showing the front view of the North Bay residence. There is no garden or yard in front of the house, but there are some trees standing in front of the house. The second picture is showing the back side of the house. The back yard is like the contrast with the front yard. There are almost no decorations in front of the house. But the back yard, there are full of grass as the all white house decor combine with long swimming pool. The reason for better decoration in the back yard is because the part of the house that facing the beach view is the back yard. So, the back yard has more good view than the front yard.

This house was divided into two floors. The first floor is the living area, and the second floor is the private area. Both private and living areas are using many transparent windows. Since the house location was near the beach, they can’t let the owner missed the beauty panorama outside the house. The first floor contains living room, dining room, and kitchen. Meanwhile, the second floor contains bedrooms and bathrooms.

Just like the main concept, all the rooms in the house are using all white concepts. The curtains, the sofas, the tables, the kitchen appliance, the bath tub, the washbasin, and many more are using white color. But, you don’t need to be worried. The beach and the green environment are replacing all decoration for decorating the white house in amazing decoration.

Beer Garden Table And Bench In All White House Concept Accented By Outdoor Medium Pool Also With Custom Pool Coping

Common Architectural Terms For All White House Concept Decorated By Design In Waterfront Also By Pool Located Right Before Waterfront

Formal Dining Room Decorating Ideas For All White House Concept Decorated By Ceiling Air Duct Also By Orchid Flower Decor

Garden Border Design Ideas In All White House Concept Equipped By Herbs For Garden Combined By 20 Meters Of Coconut Trees

Grass Block Pavers For All White House Concept Accented By Tall Transparent Windows Also With Natural Looks Pavers

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