Majestic Contemporary Residence in Picturesque Layout

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The contemporary residences usually engage huge model and semi open space concept. These house layouts use wide space model for main building concept. These houses have curve model for main layout follow the slope of land. You can find these house shape look like yin and yang model. These houses still use square shape and plain ceiling model. You can adopt these house concept designed by Sagan Piechota Architecture.

These house models have unique style and complete concept for interior and exterior side. You can apply form of contemporary residential architecture to get dream family house model. The wall decor fill in glass style, brick style, and lime stone style entire interior and exterior room. The family area designed use complex arrangement. The wooden partition and lime stone partition fill in this area to keep natural sense. The calm sense and warm sense appear from this area use dark wood color and creamy colors fill in room paint and furnishing paint. The modern light effect rise from this place use build in lamp style entire room.

You can build artistic interior corridor style influence for your private area. You can apply dark lime stone wall and light wooden wall in this place for buffer appearance. The creamy ceramic floor and black metal facade fill in this place. You can get elegant style for the lime stone wall use glass buffer model on the above side to absorb sunlight effect.

Your private areas appear from two master bedroom and simple bathroom style. The natural scenes appear from this place use sliding glass window surround this place to enjoy topical outside scene. You can add simple furnishing arrangement use white color and creamy color fill in this place to keep wide space model and snug sense. The laminate floor and ceramic floor fill in two kind’s room decor to get cool effect and warm effect. This contemporary residential architecture design recommended for family holiday place.

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