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Makayla Jo | 1 month update | April 9, 2012

Makayla turned 1 month old on April 9, 2012. Here are a few updates!

  • We haven’t been to the doctor since her two week appointment, but at two weeks she weighed 7 lbs 9 ounces, up from her birth weight 6 lbs, 13 ounces (dropped to 6 lbs, 3 oz at hospital discharge). My guess is she is around 9 lbs right now. 
  • We went to grandma & grandpa’s house a lot and there we found out that she LOVES classical music. Thanks grandpa! We play the classical music channel on our tv for her to fall asleep at night. 
  • We found out that she HATES being swaddled at night and she HAS to have her hands up by her face when she sleeps. 
  • Her belly button fell off within our first 3 days home. I have no idea where it is. 
  • We went to my work twice this month, and everyone loved meeting her! 
  • Grandma has stayed the night at least once a week helping me while Daddy works overnight. 
  • We have gone on lots of walks, around the neighborhood, Discovery Lake, Mission Bay, and through the campground by the beach. 
  • Makayla has been eating 3 ounces of formula every 3 hours or so. Now, (she is 5 weeks as I am writing this) she is drinking 4 ounces every 4 hours. 
  • Makayla has been sleeping in 3-4 hour stretches at night. Last night she had a 5 hour stretch and then a 3 hour stretch and I feel amazing today! 
  • For some reason, every time we try to move upstairs (I was on the couch initially due to my c-section) she has an awful night. So, we are still camped out downstairs. Hey, if she sleeps better, that means I get more sleep and we are all happy. She will transition to her room eventually, hopefully within the next month or so.
  • This month, we traded in our old car and got a SUV cause we needed a family car. 
  • I have my back-to-work date set: May 21, 2012. That will be twelve weeks. While I am excited about going back to work full time as a nurse, I am actually kind of sad this time is going by so fast. 
  • As for me, at 5 weeks post-partum I am 8 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight. I really have not lost any weight for the past 3 weeks, even with walking 2-3 miles per day. My pre-pregnancy jeans fit, although I have quite the muffin-top. My appetite definitely is not the same as it used to be, I forget to eat often and when I do eat, nothing tastes the way it used to. I just don’t have much interest in food anymore. But, this isn’t helping my weight loss so I’m not sure what is going on. I hope to be cleared next week at my 6 week PP appointment to start exercising again. 
  • Muhammad - That was a long wait to come out. I know she started at 7 a.m. I am glad to hear they are doing well. Can’t wait to see him. Congrats again Daddy!!!!Amy many prryaes to you al!

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