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Makayla Jo | 10 month update | January 9, 2013

Makayla Jo, 10 months old, 1/9/13
Oh, Makayla Jo. Here we are again, another late post. Time is going by way too fast! I know I say it every month but I seriously cannot believe that you are almost 1 year old. Each month gets better and better, and you are such an amazing little girl. You are SO smart, SO funny, and SO adorable. 
Height: unknown
Weight: unknown
Head Circumference: unknown
Whats new this month? 
  • You have mastered standing on your own. You do it for about 20 seconds at a time and then you try to walk and fall. You are going to be walking in no time.
  • You are waving bye-bye. SO adorable.
  • You are eating more finger foods. Right now your favorite foods are blueberries, crackers (graham crackers and saltines), kiwi, strawberries, bananas, avocados, and cheerios. We are introducing you to new foods almost daily now. 
  • You finally figured out to hold your sippy cup! And you love water! 
  • You are obsessed with whatever electronic daddy or mommy has. Either the laptop, the iPad, the remote, or a cell phone. OBSESSED. 
  • You are finally in all 9-12 month clothes. We (I) finally cleared your closet of the 6 month clothes. 
  • We are starting to put more toys in your Playroom upstairs. 
  • For the most part you are still sleeping from 7 pm to 7 am but every few nights you have been waking up for a bottle anywhere between 3 and 5 am, but it’s not every night, so i’ll take it.
  • You are down to about 4 eight-oz bottles a day.
  • You are still in day care twice a week but now different days due to Daddy’s shift change
  • You love playing in the kitchen. The Tupperware cabinet and the dish towel cabinet are your favorites. 
  • You still only have two bottom teeth.
  • You’ve had green snot running down your face for over a month now but no fever and no fussiness so I’m not worried.
  • Your FIRST Birthday Party will be on your ACTUAL birthday, as it falls on a Saturday! March 9, 2013. Planning is in full-force, and invitations have been sent out. We are doing a Minnie Mouse Theme (Pink & Black of course!)

Until next month…

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