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Makayla Jo | 11 month update | February 9, 2013

Oh, my, gosh! Makayla Jo Jo. Where has the past year gone. I’m deep in my knees to planning your first birthday party and I just can’t believe it. So much has changed over the past year, and it’s all because of YOU! You are amazing, the light of our lives, and the reason I wake up every day.

You weigh about 20 lbs even. I’m not sure about your height but you are pretty darn long. You take after your daddy for sure.

Eating: You want to eat everything and anything that we are eating. We’re slowly starting you on more table foods. Your favorites so far are blueberries, bananas, avocados, and spinach ravioli. You also like rice and beans (any kind!). You’re telling us that you are over baby food purees when you blow raspberries with it in your mouth and spit it all over us. 🙂 We still have a lot to finish though so we keep trying. Your breakfast is usually fruit and oatmeal or waffles. lunch is crackers, fruit, banana, or avocado, and a puree. dinner is whatever we are having usually. You’re still on formula, about 4 bottles a day but usually only 4-6 ounces each. You LOVE water out of your sippy cup and drink it at every meal.

Sleeping: Lets just say you are amazing. Don’t even want to talk about it. Bedtime is 7:00 to 7:15 sharp and you sleep straight through until 7:00 a.m. You are still taking two naps per day, your morning nap is around 10:00 and can last from 1-2 hours and your afternoon nap is around 2:00 and can also last for 1-2 hours. You nap best at home, in your crib. This makes it hard to get out and do things on the weekends! We usually do an early morning errand before your morning nap (i.e. target with starbucks!) and then sometimes on the weekends you will just have a quick afternoon nap in the car if we are out and about.

Sounds: your favorite word is “uh-oh”. Its so darn cute but you say it at everything! Your favorite game is to drop something off of your high chair and say uh-oh! you also say dada, mama, yum yum, and I swear this week you started saying “dude!”.

Movements: Yep, you are officially walking. You took your first steps around 10 1/2 months. You picked it up pretty quickly and now you love walking. You love picking up heavy things and trying to walk with them. (like brand new costco wipe packs, heavy toys, formula cans, etc). You are going to be a body builder!

Toys: Your favorite toys right now are your Sesame Street kitchen with a bunch of toy food. You also love ball games, your Old McDonald Had a Farm toy, your police car, and your Cars car.

Clothes: You are officially in 12 month clothing. I still try to squeeze you into some 9 month clothes but yeah can’t do that anymore. You wear size 3 diapers during the day and size 4 diapers at night.

Teeth: You have three teeth. Two on the bottom and one canine tooth on your upper right side. No upper middle teeth yet which is weird.

Illness: Girl, you and I have both been sick pretty much non-stop since Christmas. We get better and then it seems like it comes right back. We went up to Tahoe on Vacation from February 3 through February 10th and you and I both got SO sick. You were SO fussy, had a high fever, and just green snot coming out everywhere. You also were refusing bottles and refusing to eat. We thought you had another ear infection and ended up taking you to Renown Children’s Hospital ER in Reno. The Dr. was great but said it was probably just a sinus infection and wrote a Rx for amoxicillin. The day we left Tahoe I started puking and I pretty much have been sick ever since with a sinus infection. I have tried two different antibiotics and nothing has worked.

You loved sledding even though you were so sick.

Two weeks until your first birthday party! OMG……

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