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Makayla Jo | 13 month update | April 9, 2013

So, yeah, um, this is really late.

I thought I was going to stop doing monthly updates after M turned one, but I want to keep it going so I remember things as they happen.

The biggest changes this month:

  • SEVEN teeth! Four on top, Three on bottom.
  • Saying more words: Hi, Bye, Bubbles, Kit Cat, More, Book, Dada, Muuum, I think thats about it.
  • We started gymnastics class. Every Saturday morning. It’s a 45 minute class and she’s the youngest in the class. (Age range is walkers – 3 years). Half the time she LOVES it, the other half the time she is fussy and does not want to follow instructions. I think we’ll keep going for a few more weeks and see how she does.
  • Got back into swim lessons. Have 5 more we have to use by next month. We’ve gone two Sundays this past month. She does ok, definitely need to get her into the water more often.
  • Can climb down the stairs herself. Walking down, holding the rail.
  • Still cries and whines when she wants to go to bed at night, last night it was at 6:15! She hangs out by the gate at the bottom of the stairs until we go up.
  • 3 bottles of whole milk a day. Usually 6-8 ounces each. Morning (7 am), before nap (midday), and bedtime bottle. Not sure when we’ll try to take the bottle away.
  • Favorite foods: blueberries, bananas (whole), strawberries, grapes, string cheese, avocado, chicken nuggets, tater tots, spinach ravioli, fruit pouches, waffles, mini vegetable toddler muffins, graham crackers, goldfish, cinnamon snacks.
  • Water in a sippy cup or her new camelpak bottle!
  • Day care still twice a week. Transitioned to the toddler side with only one nap.
  • Somedays down to one nap at home, usually two.
  • Loves bath time in the big bath. No more baby duck bath.
  • Sleeping is usually 7:30 to 6:45 a.m.
  • Clothes: mostly 12 month, some 9 month onesies still fit. Some 18 month.
  • Shoes: StrideRites, size 4 or 4.5 WIDE

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