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Makayla Jo | 14 month update | May 9, 2013

Here we are, late again! That’s how I roll. Makayla turned 14 months on May 9, 2013.

She is growing by leaps and bounds recently. I swear she is learning new words on a daily basis right now. New words this month are Choo Choo, Flower, Mama (finally!).

She is OBSESSED with saying hi & bye to strangers, pointing to everything, BUBBLES (bubble-maniac as grandma calls her), and going up and down the stairs unassisted.

She’s also testing her limits with us. She is starting to do things intentionally that she is not supposed to do. She constantly climbs on the couch to reach what is on our end table. She knows this is a NO. She’s also starting to climb on the outside of the railing up the stairs. She looks at us with that little smirk to see what we are going to do. She constantly is throwing food off her high chair and onto the ground. She’ll eat more food off the ground then from her highchair tray or plate.

She recently started doing a few things where we have had to firmly say NO! She tears up and starts crying right away. It is so sad. But, she needs to learn what NO means, right? She actually hit me when I was holding her yesterday. Then she put her head down on my arm and started to bite me. I firmly said NO and she got so upset. She needs to know that biting is not okay.

Speaking of biting, she still only has the seven teeth. Four on top and three on bottom. No signs of teething at all right now either, which I am totally okay with.

She is starting to run! She loves being outside. She loves bubbles and balls. And rocks, oh yes her pet rocks as we call them. She absolutely loves the beach, the waves, and the sand. She started signing for “more” when she wants more of something (so adorable).

We’re still doing gymnastics Saturday mornings and we have 5 swim lessons left (that are going to expire soon!) so I just booked them all for Sunday mornings for the next five weeks.

Looking forward to spending this summer with my beach baby 🙂

And, because I can’t post without a photo, here you go:

 P I N I T Loves carrying everything as a purse! P I N I T oh, those dimples.P I N I T It’s the little detailsP I N I T that I want to remember
P I N I T forever and everP I N I T And because Stride Rite shoes are awesome.

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