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Makayla Jo | 16 month update | July 9, 2013

Height: 2′ 7.102″ ( 31 inches)

Weight: 23 lb 3.2 oz (10.523 kg)

Makayla – You are so much fun at this age! I know I keep saying that every month but seriously, it just keeps getting better and better. You are starting to repeat some words that we are saying now. Your vocabulary has seriously doubled if not tripled over the past month. Some new works you are saying are hello, down, please, up, truck, doggie, mamaaaaaaa, dadaaaaaaaaa, nana, papa. shoes, keys, ball, and so much more that I know I am forgetting.

You are still using your pacifier at night and in the car. This week you have started calling it “Bobby”. I’m not sure why!

Bottles: You are killing me with this, girl! Do you even understand how much money I’ve wasted on sippy cups and straw cups thinking they will work to get you off the bottle? You don’t even try it! You don’t even take a sip! You just shake your head NOoooooooooo. We need to work on this. You are almost a year and a half. Comeon big girl!

You are still a picky eater and we pretty much give you the same thing all the time. Bananas, avocado, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, raspberries, cheese, ham, turkey, beans, yogurt, oatmeal, goldfish, watermelon, crackers, and pouches. You are showing more interest in trying new foods but you usually will only take a bite or two, if that. You love holding a spoon or fork, and love feeding yourself even though more than half the time it goes on your lap. 🙂

As far as clothing, you are wearing mostly 18 month size clothing. You are running out of clothes, we need to go shopping for fall/winter clothes for sure!

Sleep. You are still amazing. On such a schedule.  Still about 7:30 to 7 am. You are perfect.

Teeth: You still have the front 8 teeth, and a few weeks ago I noticed you have a molar that I didn’t even know was coming in.

We are trying to find more activities to do with you. Right now you are not enrolled in gymnastics or swim anymore, but I think we need to start back up soon. We also have been wanting to take you to Legoland and Seaworld, along with the Ruben H. Fleet Science Museum. This mama just needs more time off work!

Oh and we can’t forget the fabulous Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Virus you contracted from day care this month!

I’ve been slacking in the photo department this month (for good reason! 3 paid photo shoots  for July and a wedding tomorrow!)

So, this cheeeese face iPhone photo will have to do.




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