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Oh dear. You are almost 1 and a half years old. You have made a significant jump this month. Your vocabulary has exploded. You have started repeating things. I can’t even count the number of words that you can say.

DSC_0089.jpgP I N I T

You have at least three molars now on top of your other eight teeth. I’m pretty sure a fourth is ready to break through on the bottom. You have had some sleep hiccups – waking up in the middle of the night crying a few times in the past two weeks – which you have not done in a very long time.

DSC_0093.jpgP I N I T

You love your daddy! You recently started saying “bye bye daddy”; your first words combined. we almost died it was so adorable. it was one morning we were leaving for daycare and you just said it out of the blue. Bye bye daddy!!! byeeee!!! now you associate bye bye with daddy and say it to other people as well. oh well.

we have started giving you more juice because you are so constipated! you seem to like it. i never ever thought i would let my child have juice. oh well.

you tell your grandma “sooooo much””” with your arms when she asks how much does grandma love you???

your hair is getting long and it’s been so hot that i have started putting piggie tails in a lot. they are so freaking cute. why not?!

you are still suck a picky eater! you hate high chairs at restaurants. you refuse. like lock your knees refuse most of the time.

you like coloring with crayons but you think it is more fun to color the tile floor than your coloring book.

you love your alligator, elephant, and shamu stuffed animals. you love elmo and abby.

you are the pride & joy of my life ~ you make me so happy ~ I am so lucky ~ I love you baby girl!

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