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Makayla Jo | 18 month update | September 8, 2013

One and a half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You turned 18 months earlier this week. We had your 18-month check up yesterday. You are growing by leaps! I was just looking at photos of you from earlier this summer and what a difference a few months have made. You are sooo tall, getting chubby thighs (just like your mom!), and your hair is getting so long & full of ringlet curls.


2′ 8.091″ (81.5 cm)


24 lb 3.2 oz (10.977 kg)

You have so many new words. Just last week you started calling me MOMMY instead of MAMA. It melts my heart. every. single. time. I love you so much and I love being called your MOMMY.

You can pretty much repeat everything now, except for GRANDMA. You can say MOMMY, DADDY, PAPA, but you can’t say grandma! And you wont say any nicknames for grandma either, you just laugh.

You love your new bear, LuLu, that cousin M made for you. Along with your crochet blankies. You love singing the Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round (and the book). You still love Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

You have THREE molars. You get super constipated. You are OBSESSED with the BEACH and your Papa. “Beach Papa Beach Papa Papa Beach”.

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