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Makayla Jo | 19 Months | October 9, 2013

Oh dear, this post is super late considering you turn 20 months this week. How the hell did this happen? Wow.

You are such a joy, Makayla. You are so smart, witty, funny, and loving. But, boy are you starting to throw some tantrums. This month you have grown so much. Your vocabulary is exploding. You are saying at least 3-5 new words per day. You understand everything, and you can repeat pretty much anything.

We started going back to gymanstics this month. You have been great, and you love it! You also love pumpkin bread. Kind of obsessed. You relate Target with Starbucks Pumpkin Bread, just because we have had it a few times while browsing Target.

You said GRANDMA out of nowhere this month! You are obsessed with the horsey merry go round at Rite-Aid that grandma and papa take you on way too much. You will not sit still. Getting you into the carseat or stroller is a huge fiasco. Even if we get you in, you won’t sit for more than 5 minutes. Forget going to restaurants, I don’t know why we even keep trying! You just want to run wild. You still love the beach even though it’s almost winter. You love driving your po-po car in the front yard. You are obsessed with my iPhone and I have to hide it from you. I can’t even have it around with you because you will throw a tantrum. Your hair is getting so long and your curls are so pretty. You hate brusing your teeth. You love your new black boots. You hate having your diaper changed. You still have a bottle of milk before bed. You started telling us when you are going pee pee or poopoo. We got you a potty but you think it is a toy and put it on your head.

We are looking forward to seeing you grow in the future. We love you so much, and we are so THANKFUL for you!

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