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Makayla Jo | 21 Months | December 9, 2013

Better late than never, right? December was SUCH a busy month, I am just now getting around to doing Makayla’s 21 month update, even though she turns 22 months this week.

The biggest thing that happened this month was that we had her attached upper lip frenulum cut. It’s not really that big of a deal, but we had a real hard time brushing her front two teeth. She did amazingly well after the procedure, considering she had to go under. Here are a few before pictures. It’s still healing and the stiches should be disolving soon, so updated pictures will be done in the near future!

DSC_0151.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0154.jpgP I N I T

Another big milestone this month was that she counts 1-10. She pretty much did this overnight, we figure she must have learned at school. She can also name all of my classmates. She gets so excited the days she goes to school and she talks about all of her friends. It’s really cute!

We got passes to Legoland & the Zoo for the holidays. We have gone to Legoland a few times already, and actually went for New Years Eve because they had fireworks at 6 pm (children’s schedule – before bedtime – sweet!). We expect to go to both a lot this year.

As in other news, not much is happening. I am still recovering from my holiday photography session saga. Lots of sessions will be blogged soon!

DSC_0025.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0035.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0054.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0087.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0100.jpgP I N I T

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