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Makayla Jo | 22 months | January 9, 2014

Well….this post is officially very late. I’ll try my best to re-cap your 22nd month.

January went by in a flash for us. We celebrated New Years Eve at Legoland on Kiddie Time with Fireworks at 6 pm which was perfect since you turn into a CRAB by 8 p.m.

photo-2aP I N I T

You became obsessed with Snoopy, Charlie Brown & the whole Peanuts Gang!

photoP I N I T

So, of course we took you to Knotts Berry Farm this month!

I’m trying to remember what else changed in January. I know that your sleep definitely regressed. You started waking up more often. You also went pee pee in the potty a few times!

This was probably the shortest monthly post ever, but oh well. It’s already almost 2 months late!

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