Minimalist Guest House for Vacation Shelter

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Federico Valsassina Arquitectos has transformed a warehouse into a guest house in minimalist design. They could dress up the unused building into the contemporary home. They changed from priceless place into the affordable house. This minimalist shelter is located in Pinhal do Banzao, Portugal. Among the short trees there are a simple home designed in white hues.

Do you want to have a vacation? You better stay in this house. It offers simple residence without no stuffy. The building is not too big, so it easy to access all the space in one way. It’s good choice for backpacker or minim budgets.

As ex warehouse, the design is keep the origin garage in black. But the color was blurred a little bit. It created some old feeling outside. Viewed from the front, it looks so closed. Like there is no door to go inside. But you just don’t have to believe the trick. The entrance is in the right side.

The ground floor of the guest house kits is covered all the room function. Two bedrooms can use for four members. All white paint makes a clean look. The interior has designed so minimalist. Small path is the only way to around the unknown space. Sharp boundary is hidden a room behind. It feels so mysterious and unexpected area. The doors color is like the wall. There is no much interesting furniture inside.

The bathroom is united with the bamboo trees in the same space. Open the doors and feel breeze. But there are a lot of fall leaves in the bottom. Need more treatment to clean it every day. This room is different from the other. It used wooden floor and concrete wall. Plans your holiday and find this small guest house kits to take a rest and good sleeping after walking around.

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