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Minnie Mouse First Birthday Party! Happy First Birthday Makayla Jo!

I started planning Makayla’s first birthday party pretty much on New Year’s Day. I always have to have something to look forward to, and of course this was a huge event. I’m not sure exactly how we decided on Minnie Mouse, but for some reason I was set on it. I was spending hours and hours on Pinterest and Etsy searching for wonderful ideas for a pink & black Minnie Mouse First Birthday Party.

Some of my absolute favorite details of her party were the custom accents.

The Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner, which I found here: I Share Printables

20130309-DSC_0025P I N I T


The ‘Makayla is One” Printable Banner, which I found here: Shanty-2-Chic.  I just printed it on Pink Cardstock that I purchased at Michael’s.

20130309-DSC_0057P I N I T


The ‘M’ is for Makayla Pink Sign, is the Circles Initial Free Printable Nursery Artwork which I found here: On To Baby

20130309-DSC_0056P I N I T

M for Makayla Sign from On To Baby


The Watermelon Sangria Recipe  from The Party Dress was a HUGE hit!

20130309-DSC_0090P I N I T

This is the drink dispenser I got from Amazon. It holds 1.5 gallons and it worked out perfectly for the Watermelon Sangria. I’m sure I will use it a lot in the future as well. Best of all, it is very affordable ! I N I T
Recipe from The Party Dress

20130309-DSC_0001P I N I T

Minnie Mouse Oreo Cookie Cake Pops! Recipe HERE.

20130309-DSC_0002P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0003P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0004P I N I T

I am definitely NOT a baker, but I did want to find cute cupcake wrappers to match the pink & black Minnie Mouse theme. I found these black & white dot cupcake wrappers on Amazon .
20130309-DSC_0005P I N I T

The awesome cupcake stand is also a good find from Amazon!

20130309-DSC_0085P I N I T


The amazing cake made by by good friend Nicole. Another post coming soon with her contact information!

20130309-DSC_0006P I N I T

 Shades of Pink M&Ms I purchased on clearance after Valentine’s Day!

20130309-DSC_0007P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0011P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0019P I N I T

 The food place cards were also a free printable from On To Baby.

20130309-DSC_0021P I N I T

20130309-DSC_0034P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0035P I N I T

20130309-DSC_0041P I N I T

I designed & printed the custom Minnie Mouse Water Bottle Labels. If you’re interested, check out Jennifer Alison Designs.

20130309-DSC_0042P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0048P I N I T

 Another Free Minnie Mouse Celebrate Printable Sign I found at Catch My Party. 

20130309-DSC_0050P I N I T


A photo banner that displayed all of Makayla’s Monthly Photos.

20130309-DSC_0065P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0073P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0076P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0077P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0103P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0104P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0109P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0112P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0132P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0138P I N I T

The tutu was made also by my friend Nicole – details to follow.

20130309-DSC_0145P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0149P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0162P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0179P I N I T

This Minnie Mouse Pillow Dress was made custom by Etsy Seller Pish Posh Fun. I ordered the 12 month size, and obviously it was WAY too big. Fail. 🙁

20130309-DSC_0185P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0196P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0211P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0239P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0244P I N I T

So exhausted from partying she almost fell asleep face first in her cupcake!

20130309-DSC_0259P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0335P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0366P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0380P I N I T

Exhausted baby.

20130309-DSC_0383P I N I T

Yay, I’m One!

20130309-DSC_0418P I N I T


20130309-DSC_0418P I N I T


Happy First Birthday, sweet baby girl. Your party was perfect. Thanks to all of our friends & family who celebrated with us!

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