Modern Three Story House with Greenery Concept

How To Decorate With Bamboo Sticks For Three Story House Equipped By Dark Colour Wall Combined By Garage Without Doors

One of the highest houses is three story houses. Usually, three level house is the maximum level for the house living. With the bigger spaces, this kind of house can be decorated well with many decorations and furniture. In Tokyo, the three level houses called House S, is using the different design with other three level houses. Instead of being glamour or stand out with decoration, the designer of the house from Keiji Ashizawa Design is more focused on using green environment as the main design for both interior and exterior design.

That picture is showing the house from the front view. From that view point, the house didn’t look like a majestic house, right? The dark grey color from the house makes the three story plans designs looks chic. You can see the greenery right in front of the house. As soon as you come to the house, the greenery will welcome you. The second picture is showing the side view of the house. And of course, the greenery was also there.

This house was divided into three levels plus one rooftop area. The first area is the living area, while the second and the third levels are the private area. Those three areas are filled with modern furniture and contemporary design by using wooden ceilings. There is not much decoration in the house. But, there is something interesting in the house. This house is U-shaped house. In the hole of the U shape, in the first floor, there is a big tree planted in the central area. The tree is like the heart of the house.

The last area is the rooftop area. The rooftop area is an open rooftop with wooden floors, sofas, and tables. The sofas were placed facing the city’s view. So, from the highest place in this house, you can see the city light view that far away from the house. The three story plans for the greenery concept in contemporary style is such amazing plan.

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