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Monday Funday! | Sea World San Diego

I took today off work and we took M to Sea World for the first time! WE had a blast and she loved the dolphins and killer whales. She did not like trying to sit still throughout the show though. The first show we tried was the Blue Horizons Dolphin show and the lady that is dressed as a bird got stuck while hanging from the wire. After a few minutes in the hot sun with a child that just wanted to run away we left.

I know there is a lot of controversy over killer whales right now but I still think they are amazing to watch at Sea World.

DSC_0031.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0038.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0073.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0085.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0098.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0105.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0133.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0139.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0145.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0166.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0173.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0188.jpgP I N I T

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