Multifunction Glass Wall Panels to Support Your Modern Lifestyle

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Do you agree that glass wall panels would give you more advantages and good profit? Yes, you do. It is not coercion. It is a fact. When we decide to discuss about this great house construction, what’s crossed in our mind is glass panel will always be the lure building material to build up more than just an ordinary residence. Casa Reforma, a house in Mexico City, Mexico, has illustrated to us how precious glass as basic element to have lure construction.

Finished by Central De Arquitectura, the project of this contemporary house has done in 2010. Looked from the outside, this house seems like artificial of a Lego House that will make you keep thinking about your childhood. Construction of glass wall panels for the home applied in the entire part of the house in fair. Along the frontage of the house, glass takes over the main function of the concrete wall as additional wall. Besides, above this strong glass construction, concrete carefully built up as protector from laxity of glass itself. Perfect duel!

Frameless glass wall panels have been installed in half part of the entertainment space right in the south part of the building. Moreover, to support the modern construction of this entertainment space, wooden ceiling and appropriate build-in pond loyally accompanies the glass wall. Move towards to the backside of the house, twice, you will see wonderful collaboration between glass wall panels and wood materials in one sizeable open space.

The difference of this section with the other sections in this building is, this ample gorgeous relaxation space divided with sliding glass wall partition acting as door too. What’s cool here is the glass element play a big role as mediator of hilarious modern living space inside the building and tranquil and peace second entertainment space outside. Even comes in clear design and structure, these decorative glass wall panels have functions more than as walls or partitions.

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