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Olivia is Two! | Old Poway Park, Poway, CA Child Photographer

My niece Olivia turned two a couple of weeks ago and we met up for a photo session at Old Poway Park on a Saturday morning followed by a yummy breakfast at the Hamburger Factory!

DSC_0056.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0075.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0080.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0088.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0091.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0103.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0104.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0112.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0115.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0121.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0125.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0189.jpgP I N I T

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