Present-day Moss Residence in Oaklands with Neutral Dominated Colors

Moss Residence Decorated By Arc Floor Lamp With Shade Equipped By Glass Covered Coffee Table

One amazing house design in South Africa is called as moss residence. From its outlook, the house seems modern and simple. Black and white colors are the neutral color of the wall. The front yard is very large with the bricks as the material.

The moss residence Oaklands which is applied by a designer in South Africa has a very large swimming pool in its backyard. Unlike the front yard which does not have grass at all, the backyard of the house is filled by the green view of the grass. Some tall plants are also helpful. Such scene of a large pool with the green surrounding is really beautiful. The view is a must to see to the people inside the house. This dreamed view will very beautiful. Thus, to ease looking to the back beautiful view of the house, the back walls have to be transparent.

The transparent back walls ease the people to see the modernity of the furniture and interiors. The sofas with pillows are matching the simple modern wooden comfortable chairs. This room is suitable for the togetherness of all members of family. Beside the warm atmosphere room, a kitchen in a corner side of a house is proper. The kitchen has the same color with the sofas in the previous room, a mint green.

The dining room of this house is set to be on a stage, the wooden stage. The tiny white chairs in modern style help the room to be elegant. Again, to insert the wooden characteristics to the dining furniture, the wooden legs keep the glass table stay on its position. In the other side of the house, a home office and a library is combined to have one single room. The white bookshelf is on the white wall. The red sofas are prepared for the alternative of the reading room. The wooden table and white chairs beside the sofas make a good atmosphere of a comfortable home office. This environment is created by the moss wood residence which keeps all its rooms to have the wooden characteristics.

Moss Residence Accented By Pond Deck Designs Also By Artistic Pendant Lamp

Moss Residence Equipped By Decorative Book Shelves In Addition Bymost Comfortable Sofa Bed

Moss Residence Decorated By Tall Glass Flower Vases Combined By Recessed Ceiling Designs

Moss Residence Accented By In Wall Gas Fireplaces Also With Black Shade Studio Light

Moss Residence Decorated By Decorative Pea Gravel Also With Best Tile For A Shower

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