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Project Life Tuesday | Weeks 3 & 4

It’s Tuesday again!

I’m linking up with The Mom Creative.

The Mom Creative

I am still playing catchup. I am so far behind. I am determined to get caught up soon. This week I’m sharing week 3 & 4. They are pretty basic, and I am only doing a one-page spread for most weeks until I get caught up.

Week 3



Week 4

P I N I T Any advice on how to get caught up? What is your weekly project life routine? Do you sit down one day a  week and knock it out or do you work on it continuously?


  • Nicole - Great pages Alison! What an adorable little girl you have 🙂
    My advice would be to just not stress about being behind. I got about 4 weeks behind at the beginning of the year and I found it easiest if I focused on the current week first, and then once I was done that I went back and caught up on my other weeks. At least the most current week was fresh in my mind, so it made it a little more quick and easy to get done. And I told myself that if I couldn’t find the motivation to go back and do the other weeks, I would just leave them, or else just do them as a big lump and not differentiate weeks, etc. But the funny thing was once I had my most current weeks done, it made me more excited to go back and do the rest.
    Good luck catching up! Just remember anything you have documented is better than nothing at all 🙂

  • Jennifer Alison - Thanks, Nicole! Great advice.

  • Candace - Love your Daughters pout on the left hand page. She really is a little cutie. Don’t worry about being behind I’ve just done week 4 and still have 6 weeks from last year to do

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