Rustic Barn House in Contemporary Design

Garden Border Design Ideas In Barn House Equipped By Different Levels Of Landscape Combined By Multi Dimensions Of Roofs

Redesign and rebuilt the barn house is a popular activity these days. The barn is actually a good building to use, but once they put the goods on the barn, then people will only see the barn as the storage. In Soglio, Switzerland, the designers from Ruinelli Associati Architetti redesigned the rustic barn into the contemporary style by using woods and concrete.

Look at the picture! That is the picture of the barn from the outside. You can see the rustic looks from that house because of the stone walls and wooden windows. The natural grey colors of the stones were adding rustic and old looks for this house. When you approach the barn, you will realize that the barn has additional floor, the ground floor. The ground floor was using concrete and wood as the materials. The house is full of stone path that looks natural and neat. You can guess the barn house design from the outside?

Well, let’s come into the house. The entrance of the house is on the ground floor. This ground floor contains living room, kitchen, and dining room. You will not see colorful decoration on this house. Instead, you will see the contemporary looks through the concrete walls, wooden ceilings, and wooden floors. The living room is a small living room with fire place, three chairs, and rectangular table in yellow color. The kitchen and the small dining table are next to the living room. The concrete and the woods are still the main materials in this area.

In the second floor, we can see the wooden ceilings made from log woods. That makes the second floor interior design looks rustic and contemporary. The second floor contains bedroom with fire place and bathroom. The materials from the second floor are same with the first floor. The barn house design plans for using two materials are giving a balance looks for the rustic and contemporary style in the house.

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