Simple Semi-Outdoor Pool inside Modern Geometric House Design

Semi Outdoor Pool Decorated By Design A Utility Room Combined By Ideas For Lawn Edging

If you think that semi-outdoor pool is not good for air circulation and humidity inside your house, you might think twice after see what have done by the designers of this contemporary home. House in La Planicie is the name of the house manufacturing project. Doblado Arquitectos from San Isidro has been chosen to hold this project. Build on 928,7sqm areas, the manufacturing has finish in 2011 and spends cost for about $150,000. This private residence is stated in La Planicie, La Molina, Lima-Peru.

Swimming pool of this white house is located in backside of the building, yea… in the backyard. To mate the geometric shape of the house, the pool also manufactured in symmetrical shape. Stated a half part of the backyard, this rectangular pool is surrounded by wooden deck and green land. Section which is called open air pools have greater than the indoor part. This pool is designed as frameless swimming pool and the inner part constructed from mosaic ceramic tiles.

While, the exterior design itself has adopted contemporary-minimalist design. Furniture which you can find out here just a set of metallic furniture and a folding clothed gazebo. Glass wall is used as partition between indoor living spaces and this cute outdoor area. Glass makes you freely see the beautiful interior decoration and organization of each section inside the main building. Furthermore, a sliding glass door will bring you to come inside the house and see what you can find out there except the rest of the pool.

Right above the half part of semi-open air pool, a zigzag staircase that connects the ground floor with second floor flawlessly settled from combination of wooden threads and iron frames. In the other hand, landing of the stair also acts as canopy for the indoor pool. If the open air swimming pools outside surrounded by wooden deck, this indoor pool is be hemmed in black stone flooring tiles.

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