Smart Contemporary Home without Air Conditioner

Smart Contemporary Home Accented By Landscaping Shaded Areas Equipped By  Marvin Bay Window

The Areopagus Residence is another style of contemporary home design. In Atenas, Alajuela there is a house built by Paravant Architects, Costa Rica. It’s located in the top hills among the tree forest viewed from the back side. Look from the front side, the wonderful residence has clean view. There are no leafy trees that covered the building. Built a house in slop terrain absolutely need perfect plans.

This custom is intimately connected the mountain landscape around as possible. The architect is taking heat and coo methods. They want to build a house which doesn’t need system of air conditioning. The street is facing facade the greenery views.

Open living space is another strategy to present a house finished with natural cooling and cross ventilation. White contemporary home plans helps to get delight atmosphere. The backyard pool was reduced the air temperature. Transparent glass allows inside to complete beautiful views of the valley. The glass has function to direct the glare and heat again the back facade.

There is a wall made from glass material that is attempt surrounding the house. It’s easy to open and close from the world outside. Bottle pendants spread the ample light to the living area. Retractable wall is nice experience to connect the indoor and outdoor. There is another technology that bring into the home. Photovoltaic and solar system located on the roof top to supply hot water around. For plants treatment, it used an onsite micro waste water to provide rain water for yard irrigation.

In order to maximize the facilities, the architect designed a complete package. They give a brilliant plan to build this beautiful dwelling. It impossible to go down to the city every day, the dweller has to be independent. Use application of smart technology is good choice for modern contemporary home plans in difficult location.

Smart Contemporary Home Decorated By Custom Pool Coping In Addition By  Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas

Smart Contemporary Home Decorated By Frosted Glass Doors Designs In Addition By  Solid Wood Columns

Smart Contemporary Home Decorated By Gravel Driveway Snow Removal In Addition By  Faux Stone Steps

Smart Contemporary Home Decorated By Natural Stair Runners Combined By  Tall Dining Tables And Chairs

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