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Software for Graphic Designers

Great Software for Graphic Designers

If you’re in the field of graphic design or desktop publishing, much of your success has to do with your choice of software. Desktop publishing software offers designers a powerful creative tool to design, create and edit masterpieces. With the right software, designers can use impressive images and presentations to communicate concepts more effectively to an audience. Whether you’re a design professional or a novice, design software allows you to achieve greater creative control over your projects. A few of the great software packages available on the market for graphic designers are outlined below.

1. Adobe Photoshop CS5

Adobe is the market leader in design software. Adobe Photoshop CS5 offers powerful photography tools and design features that allows you to manage complex images more efficiently. Advanced raw image processing, spectacular painting effects and superior high dynamic range images are some of the features that put CS5 in a class above the rest. CS5 also presents revolutionary content removal techniques and allows you to perform complex selections with a high degree of accuracy.

2. Corel PaintShop Pro X4 Ultimate

Create your best images by using powerful photo editing features, photographic filters and free picture tubes, with Corel Pro X4 Ultimate. Artistic brushes and vector illustration tools allow you to correct common flaws more efficiently and achieve your desired product, with minimal hassles. Enhanced photo blending techniques makes it easier to manage and share your creations, with minimal effort. Corel Pro X4 Ultimate features a streamlined workspace that lets you move freely between tabbed workspaces. This enhances efficiency while you work.

3. Xara Designer Pro 7

Xara offers users one of the most user friendly workspaces, which enhances smooth workflow. The comprehensive digital imaging features, 3D technology and enhanced web publishing capabilities contained in this package make it an excellent aid for designers. Xara offers users a design gallery, which contains templates for various products. This is an extremely useful feature for those new to design software. However, the templates can be customized to meet user needs. The Panorama tool makes photo selection and creation of a seamless panorama a lot easier for photographers.

With the right design software, you’re assured of a successful career in the computing field. When it comes to selecting desktop publishing software, you may be overwhelmed by the numerous products on the market. While it is true that some applications are industry standards, you’ll find plenty of other good products as well. It helps if you remember that certain products allow you to accomplish specific tasks with greater efficiency than others. By carefully considering what you intend to achieve in your design work, you’re more likely to make a good choice in design software.


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