Stylish Contemporary Home by Darren Carnell Architects

Stylish Contemporary Home Accented By Fjords Chairs Also With Contempory Coffee Tables

Extensive glazing of contemporary home ensures a desirable city views. From the street, this beautiful home is conspicuous among the traditional post brick neighborhoods. Located in Australia has designed by Darren Carnell Architects. The shiny residence reflects the red gums that grow in the parkland.

Expands glass in different size mounted in the second floor. It gives a space to look across the outside. A step stones will lead the owner into the entrance. Gray and white tones are nice expressed for reclaimed timber columns. The natural stone and timber in rich palette allows from the outside. It was necessary elements to receive the communication of the elegant hut.

The attractive dwelling has two levels with open space concept. The ground floor used for living activity and the upper floor used for sleeping area. Double open living area is opened for everyone who comes. Each living room can closed with sliding doors. In the middle of both living rooms is used for open terrace. No shelter or canopy, there is just an open space inside the house. Orange accents for pillowcase and lazy chair are the striking among the gray tones.

Long wooden table dinner is contemporary furniture which ideal for many people. Setting with shutter chairs. Unique pendants will give lighting while eating. Next the dining space is the kitchen with dark wooden cabinets. It create nice unity with the black shelve and wooden floors.

A grand regal stair connected to the working room in the second level. Black and white themes are used for the interior design. Slim workbench can take to put the computers. It’s setting with comfortable office chair. Orange sculpture is the only one different color from this private room. Shelf rack in the left side contains a white frame and some books. Contemporary design also can bring in the contemporary office furniture to create stylish performance.

Stylish Contemporary Home Accented By Hammered Metal Bowls Also By  Vinyl Bench Cushions

Stylish Contemporary Home Accented By Main Door Design Photos Decorated By  Front Porch Drawings

Stylish Contemporary Home Accented By Skip Laurel Plant In Addition By  Country French Gardens

Stylish Contemporary Home Accented By Smoke Tree Plant Decorated By  Pictures Of Privacy Fences

Stylish Contemporary Home Accented By Stainless Steel Stair Rails In Addition By  Stair Runner Width

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