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The Kitchen Reveal | Complete Source List & Shopping Guide | Ikea Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

The complete source list and shipping guide to our Ikea Kitchen Remodel Reveal! Cabinets – Ikea adel off white, stainless steel

The Kitchen Reveal | Our Ikea White Adel Kitchen Remodel

I am so excited to publish this post! After weeks of hard work, chaos, and our house being turned completely upside down, I am so so so

Kitchen Remodel: DIY Demolition

We started demo on our kitchen early Saturday morning. We really have no idea what we are doing! I think the hardest part of all is finding

Ikea Kitchen Remodel – Demo has started!

Demo has officially started in our household! We will be doing the demo ourselves to try to save a few $! I think it will be a lot of work

Ikea Kitchen Remodel – appliances purchased! Frigidaire Professional Series

We finally selected and purchased all of our appliances for our kitchen remodel! We went with the Frigidaire Professional Series due to

Ikea Kitchen Remodel Backsplash & Lighting Inspiration

Oh man, I am loving Pinterest this week as I am finalizing our backslash and lighting for our kitchen! I mean, aren’t these

Ikea Kitchen Remodel – Final Design Stages

We are finalizing our design for our kitchen remodel, and I’m so excited of how everything is coming together so far! This is a huge