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The S Family | San Diego La Jolla Cove Photography | San Diego Family Beach Photography

The last weekend in June I had the opportunity to photograph the S family at La Jolla Cove.
We had a great time. Thank you for allowing me to capture these memories!
2013-07-12_0001.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0002.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0003.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0004.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0005.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0006.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0007.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0008.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0009.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0010.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0011.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0012.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0013.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0014.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0015.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0016.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0017.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0018.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0019.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0020.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0021.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0022.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0023.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0024.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0025.jpgP I N I T
2013-07-12_0026.jpgP I N I T

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