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The Yang Family | Old Poway Park Photogrpahy | San Diego Holiday Photography Sessions 2013

Oh man, I love Old Poway Park. I swear, each and every time I shoot there I love it more and more. The Yang family met me out there super early last weekend, and we had the park to ourselves for awhile before it got way too crowded with way too many photographers.

This is seriously one of my favorite sessions. This familyw as adorable and both kids were great in front of the camera!

DSC_0020.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0113.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0185.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0218.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0231.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0239.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0246.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0251.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0263.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0280.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0301.jpgP I N I T

They were headed straight to the San Diego Chargers game vs. the Denver Broncos so they changed into their jerseys and we had to snap some more photos! Go Chargers!

DSC_0346.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0366.jpgP I N I T
DSC_0375.jpgP I N I T

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