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Top Reasons to Use a Wedding Monogram

Top Reasons to Use a Wedding Monogram

When reviewing marriage blogs, it is clear that wedding monograms are a top trend. A wedding monogram can be a unique graphic, which you can customize to match your wedding theme. This monogram can be put on everything from invitations to the cake topper to table linens. Read on to learn more about the top reasons to use a wedding monogram.

  • Unique and Personal Touch – A wedding monogram should be created so that it is representative of the couple and the type of wedding ceremony they wish to have. A wedding monogram can be made to have a more traditional and elegant feel, using a strong, classic font and a black and white color scheme. A monogram can also be made to have a more casual feel, or even a shabby chic theme. The choice is yours, and is only limited by the number of fonts and color choices available. If you’d like a more unique monogram, you could even have it designed by an artist. The monogram you create will be very personal to you and your partner, making it a good way to add your “stamp” to the event of your wedding.
  • Consistency – Planning a wedding can be a complicated and stressful process. When you are making so many different choices, including venue, food, and dress, it can be difficult to ensure that all the decisions you make match your theme. This can be a good reason to introduce a monogram to your wedding. The monogram can be a common thread that ties all the different parts of your wedding together. Try to include your monogram throughout the wedding, on the invitations, place settings, napkins, and cake. You can also create dishes printed with your monogram, or include the monogram in party favors and thank you notes. Your guests will recognize the monogram as a major part of your wedding.
  • Keepsakes – The monogram you create becomes a symbol of your love and union. As a result, this monogram can be cleverly put on display in your home, such as on dishes, towels, and pillows as a reminder of your special day. You can also create monogrammed stationary, and use your monogram in thank you notes to your guests. 

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