Tough Concrete Home in The Hillside Forest

Concrete Home In Addition By Decks With Stairs Equipped By  Evergreen Leaves

What do you think about a concrete home? It’s something hard, strong and tough of course. Paz Arquitectura has designed a concrete structure into wonderful house. It’s located in Santa Rosalia, Guatemala close the hillside forest. It combined nature and architectural intervention. This building has fascinating view among the trees. Now, many people want more private residence and this house is the answer.

The floor made of columns that adapt to the existing topography. All glass windows connect the exterior into the interior. The main material structural of concrete home design is exposed concrete. It shows rustic texture of the wood. This contemporary home has a large size in three levels. Lower level used for main entrance. A comfortable lounge is ready to receive the guests.

Main level contain of living area, dining space and the kitchen. Glass fence lead the way to see the nature outside from the open balcony. Feel the glare of the sun light in the morning from the leaves. One of the biggest items of this unconventional haven is a tree in the living room. It’s really growing in the home. The owner has on purposed to let the tree developed. The branch has extended from a hole that continued to the outside. Even the tree looks too dry inside but it still growing with green leaves. Neat organize is the key to become interesting home.

Upper level consists of three bedrooms, bathroom and the roof top. Each of bedrooms has large window to see the greenery easily, without a large curtains and another blockade. The top floor has a door to go out from the back house. It easy way to climbs the mountain. No need some effort because the home has been built in slop land. A modern house is perfect combination of concrete interior design in the hill side.

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