Unique Winter House Inside the Snow

Rubber Wood Doors In Podhouse With Elegant Door Knobs Also By Terrace Designs Pictures

One of the special things that you might found in the winter sites is the winter house. This house is a temporary house that you can find in the winter tourist sites. Full of snow, the winter tourist sites need warm places. In Swiss Alp, there is unique winter home called PODhouse. The designer from ROB GmbH has been designed a small winter home that provides all basic needed without requiring a lot of space.

Look at that picture! Looks like the hobbit’s house? Well, of course not. That is not the Hobbit’s house, that’s the PODhouse! You can see the unique architecture of the house. Unlike other winter homes, this winter home is offering a small space with more warmth than the big winter home. There is only small terrace for the entrance in front of the house and small manual fire place as this winter house decoration. For the exterior material, the designer is using wood as the walls and ceilings.

Inside the house, you will be welcomed by small entrance that leads you straight to the bedroom area. The bedroom area contains two beds and small spaces to sit. The interior house is also from wood, but they paint the wood with white color. You will not find any fire place in this house, because this house is using modern heating system. This house is also provides lighting and electricity. So, you don’t have to worry about being warm inside the house.

This house has three different sizes. But, basically, those three houses have same design and equipment. This house is also cheaper than other winter homes. This house has special unique shape like the hobbit’s house and the igloo. You can experience the new way of living in the winter inside the house. Despite of the small space, you will get big warmth in this house. With less but colorful winter home decoration ideas, you will feel comfortable living in the PODhouse.

Shed Roof Paint In Podhouse Decorated By Slatted Walls Combined By Maximising Wide Of Room

Small Rugs For Bedrooms In Podhouse Decorated By Engineered Or Solid Wood Flooring Combined By Different Types Of Wood Floors

Small Windows For Sheds In Podhouse Equipped By Clear Corrugated Roof Panels Also With Podhouse Architecture Design

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Where To Buy Wood Flooring For Podhouse Accented By Flip Flop Door Mat Also By Warm Bed In All Winter Nuance

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