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Weekend Recap

I can’t believe that July is almost over. This year has flown by, and now that I am back at work five days a week time is going by even faster! Friday night my mom and I saw Sheryl Crow at Humphrey’s and she was amazing! Definitely one of the best concerts I have ever been to. (not that I go to concerts very often, but still).

We’ve been just hanging around, getting used to my husband’s new work schedule. We did our usual trips to Target and Trader Joes, napped a lot, watched the olympics, and took some long walks to the park.

I’ve decided that I spend too much money on headbands, so I am going to be making my own soon! I just ordered a bunch of wholesale supplies and I am so excited. Stay tuned for tutorials, pictures, and if they turn out good, I will even start selling them in my Etsy Store along with my graphic design and stationery. I’m really excited to get started.

I just ordered some custom Orbit Labels from Inchbug. They actually had ‘Makayla’ as a pre-made name. These will be perfect for her bottles for day care!

Of course we had to play dress up and do a little photo shoot. Makayla is 20 weeks old and will be 5 months on August 9th!

  • Tami - Oh my word! Makayla is just adorable!! I can’t get over that sweet little grin! I also spend too much money on accessories for my little one! I did make a few of my own and it is SO much cheaper. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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