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weekend recap

Oh my goodness. It is hotter than hell here. Of course we never fixed our a/c, even though it’s under warranty. Of course not, cause that’s how we roll. We wait until something is URGENT to get it done. Now, its been 90+ degrees and we don’t have a/c. We’re all miserable. But its not about us anymore, its about her. Now this makes me feel like the shittiest mother on the earth. M’s room right now is 82 degrees. At 7:30 p.m. I suck as a mom.

They are supposed to come on Tuesday. That leaves 2 more nights of this misery. Hope it passes soon.

This weekend kind of sucked to be honest. I’m in a rut, stressed with work, and just not feeling my self. I have a few things to look forward this week, which I am excited about. Another Sunday night is upon us.

This sweet face was definitely the highlight of my weekend.

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