White Concrete House with Green Concept

Outdoor Wood Gates For Park House Equipped By Tall Ceiling Design Combined By Small Herbs Front Garden

The first thing that came into mostly people when they are talking about concrete house is the rustic looks or bold visual. The concrete, in subjective view, seems like giving a strong looks for the building that using it. But, what happen if we combine the bold concrete with something fresh and nature? In Singapore, you will find a white concrete house called The Park House. The designer from Formwerkz Architects designed the house in unique shape and combines it with greenery.

That picture is showing the park house from the front view of the house. You can see the unique concrete house architecture with upper house and ground level. There is a long upper terrace above the open gate. The second picture is showing the house from the top view, straight to the upper level house. Now, you know the identity of the long upper terrace. This house has an open garden in the upper terrace that filled with greenery. The garden was connected to the door in the upper level house.

This house was divided into three parts of the house. The first part is the ground level area. The ground level house contains a beautiful garden, swimming pool, guest room, laundry area, master bedroom, master bathroom, laundry area, reflective pool, and external pantry. The upper level area contains upper terrace, landscape roof, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and utility room. The last part is the additional level, the attic area. The attic area contains bathroom and study room.

The interior design in this house was basically same for all rooms in the house. The basic color from floors to ceilings is white, and the other colors for the furniture are natural color such as grey or wooden color. The main concept of this house is the greenery in the white concrete home. So, in this concrete house design architecture, you will easily spot greenery around the house.

Sliding Blind Panels For Park House Accented By Small Trees Tall Enough In Ceiling Also By All Wall Glass Surrounding

Small Herb Garden Design For Park House Decorated By Gardening In Second Floor Also With Large Tiled Wall

Stainless Steel Stair Rails For Park House Equipped By White Spiral Stair Combined By White Paint Creating Soothing Nuance

Wine Cellar Spiral Staircase For Park House Equipped By White Flooring Combined By Artistic Garden Lamp

Beautiful Backyard Pools In Park House Accented By Uneven Level Roofs Also By Gardening Around Pool

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